Saturday, 11 August 2007

Rhubarb Cake

My latest creation with the home grown rhubarb (and it was very tasty) from a little book called Cafe Cakes, as its not my recipe I can't publish the instructions/ recipe (I do stick to copyright). I did change the brown sugar to unbleached caster sugar because I find it makes a lighter cake (I am not a lover of heavy cakes) I served it with creme anglaise (means English cream in French) which is lighter than custard and really brings out the taste of the rhubarb. I will add my creme anglaise recipe soon.

I thought I would add some hints and tips for cooking with fruit as I have not written any recipes this time.

When using dried or fresh fruit in cakes add a little of the flour you will be adding to the mixture (only about 2 heaped teaspoons) and toss in the fruit until it is lightly coated at least 5 minutes before adding to your mixture. This helps keep the fruit even throughout the cake, not sinking to the bottom.

If your apples normally turn brown after cutting, next time just add a squirt of lemon and toss the apples gently as soon as you cut them and it will prevent the browning

Approx. 1 pound raw apples= 1/2 pound cooked apples

If you are using fruits that are very sweet and ripe and taste a bit in the need of a little kick. Just add a teaspoon of grated lemon rind (only the lemon part not the white it is bitter with a nasty aftertaste).

Remember also if you are going to grate the lemon rind check that it is an unwaxed lemon. Lemons are waxed so they last longer, but the rind should not be used in cooking. Better still use an organic unwaxed lemon.

This tip I used on the last recipe - add a couple of teaspoons of ground rice to your pie (on the pastry bottom before adding the fruit) the rice expands and soaks up all the juices keeping your pasty base crisp and your oven (hopefully) from getting sticky fruit juice baked into it.


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