Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas Eve Foodie Bargain - Delia's Spiced Cranberry & Orange Relish

I'm a Christmas Eve shopper I never seem to get enough time to shop before that so I now enjoy the last minute rush and also I find lots of last minute reductions. This Christmas one of my foodie shopping bargains was - Delia's Spiced Cranberry & Orange Relish pack from Waitrose reduced from £2.99 to 49p :)

After returning from shopping I followed the simple instructions to chop the cranberries I did it by hand (the instructions suggested use a food processor) and place them in a saucepan.

Then pare off the coloured part of the orange rind with a potato peeler and cut it into very fine shreds. juice of the orange, and spices and sugar mix to the cranberries..

Bring everything up to simmering point, stirring well and simmer very gently for about 5 minutes.

I did not add any port (not a flavour we like plus not everyone drinks alcohol), the only thing I did add myself was after tasting  a further desert spoonful of caster sugar.
after leaving to cool I removed the cloves and cinnamon and put the mixture in a nice glass jar I had been keeping (I got it in a sale last January it's glass with a ceramic lid, so can be easily washed and reused again) ready for our Christmas day diner.

The flavour the next day was excellent as all the spices had blended together and the smell was like Christmas in a jar.
I will make this again next year and just in case I don't get a bargain pack I found the recipe here on Delia's website :)

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Eftychia said...

I can smell this. You are so right... All those spices smell like Christmas in a jar!

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